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Blue Infinity Twist

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Blue Infinity Twist Tanning

Advanced Technology

The most advanced tanning lamp in the market today! Combining stunning, brilliant bright electric blue ambiance with the state of the art patented twisted glass effect, gives any sales operator a truly unparalleled advantage over normal flat lamps used by the competition. Tanning performance and results are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre from this perfectly formed lamp. With unique internal complex properties; combined with patented glass technology, Blu Infinity Twist lamps provide a long lasting dark glowing tan that is truly perfect.

Unique 3 wavelengths in one Blu Infinity Twist tube are revolutionary in the market. For the first time worldwide, the 3 most important wavelengths have been combined in one single tube! The Blu Infinity Twist is the most unique twisted lamp around, guaranteeing the highest levels of tanning effect in the market. Providing the ultimate perfect tanning performance every time, Blu Infinity Twist is ‘the’ market leader.

Lamp Benefits

Stylish and superior tanning

Our G8000 0.3 compliant vertical tanning unit has to be one of the highest powered tanning units you will ever have the pleasure of tanning on. Boasting 48 full length high performance 200 watt tanning tubes. The G8000 will undoubtedly want you coming back for more.For each tanning session you have, we provide you with protective eye wear and we have a selection of tanning accelerators and moisturisers available for you to purchase, our G8000 is also fitted with a sanitized floor mat, so you can be confident the unit is hygienic and clean.To attain an all over, even tan, you can have single sessions or book one of our cost effective sunbed courses.

You must be 18 years or older to use our tanning rooms