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Upper Lip. Lower Lip. Chin. Eyebrows.  Middle of Brows.  Sideburns. Jaw Line.  Cheeks.  Nipples. Toes. Fingers.  Feet.  Hands.  Belly Button to Bikini Line.


Full Face. Upper or Lower Arms.  Underarms.  Shoulders.  Back of Neck.  Front of Neck. Lower Back. Back of Thighs. Standard Bikini.


Full arm. Stomach. Upper Chest. Full Beard. Buttocks.  Lower Legs. Upper Legs. Bikini Hollywood/Brazilian.


Full Leg inc feet. Full Back inc shoulders. Full Chest/Stomach inc neck.

Free consultation & patch test required

IPL/OPT/SHR hair removal machine is the new technology for permanent hair removal. It is upgrading from the IPL hair removal machine and cut or cancel the energy decease of the sub pulse. OPT/SHR laser hair removal is short for optimal pulsed light, which we also call the SHR hair removal machine. The super hair removal machine is safe and painless. In general, the OPT/ SHR hair removal growth cycle has three stages, anagen, catagen and telogen. In the anagen stage hair is growing fast and the melanin in the follicle will absorb the IPL light. While in the catagen and telogen, hair is not growing or very slow. So only in the anagen period, OPT/SHR/IPL laser hair removal could achieve the best results. The human catagen could last 4-5 months, we cannot complete permanent hair reduction in one session. Generally, permanent hair removal treatment needs 4-6 session to achieve the best results. The permanent hair removal time span is around six months.

Why IPL/OPT/SHR Laser is pain-free & safe?

The basic theory for the OPT/SHR laser hair removal machine is the selective absorption of light. The melanin in the hair follicle will absorb the laser, and the laser will heat the hair follicles. The temperature in the hair follicles increased fast in a short time. Then achieve a permanent hair removal effect. OPT /SHR hair removal is short for the optimal pulsed technology. Compared to normal IPL technology, OPT energy output is always at the same level, at the same time, OPT technology is also In-motion SHR technology handpiece can sweep fast on larger treatment areas.

Which one is better? – OPT/SHR/IPL laser or IPL

OPT/SHR/IPL hair reduction is better than just IPL from these 3 points.

  1. OPT/SHR laser hair removal is more comfortable and painless
  2. IPL hair removal is hot and more painful due to the shots being hot. IPL has 5 to 8 pulse for one flash. The energy of every pulse is different, the IPL pulse energy is diminishing and IPL treatment needs higher first pulse energy because of the sub-pulse energy decrease, burning may happen because of the unequal pulse influence. For the OPT/SHR it does not burn or hurt at all.
  3. OPT /SHR machine uses the sweeping super hair removal method, the frequency could go up to 10Hz. Basic IPL hair removal needs several seconds for the next shot. The research proves SHR hair reduction mode is 2 to 3 times faster than the IPL method.

OPT /SHR method has more effective and much faster results, with no downtime

Below is the list for the OPT/SHR laser application.

  1. Permanent hair removal for skin type I-VI
  2. Skin rejuvenation
  3. Acne treatment
  4. Pigmentation removal (Freckle removal)
  5. Spider vein removal

The application of the concept of three-dimensional technology, energy + pulse width + pulse waveform, has ensured the steady and balanced output of the total pulse energy, which is the sixth breakthrough of photon technology. One OPT treatment effect is equivalent to five times of the traditional photon therapy.


Wrinkle reduction: Remove shallow, moderate or severe wrinkles, shrink pores, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity.


  1. Applying the most advanced OPT technology, Pmise OPT Laser is equipped with the absorbable and sliding hair removal handpiece.
  2. Furthermore, it makes hair removal efficient, safe, painless and low cost. It can completely remove the tiny hair, and greatly enhance the efficacy of acne removing, whitening, tightening pores and so on.
  3. It is also excellent in the removal of epidermal spots-like pigment, such as freckles and freckles-like moles.
  4. All in all, it boasts of its optimized performance, excellent efficacy, more comfortable treatment, ultra-long working hours and near-zero failure rate.

How does it work?

Broad spectrum pulsed light targets sun damage, environmental damage, and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots, stimulating collagen or elastin, and regenerating healthy skin cells. It also minimizes redness from broken capillaries and rosacea. You will notice a visible reduction in pore sizes, fine lines, and mild wrinkles, resulting in an overall healthier complexion. In addition to your face, it can be successfully used to rejuvenate the skin on your neck, back, décolleté, arms, and hands.

How many treatments will I need?

In general, a series of four to six treatments scheduled at four-week intervals is sufficient to address most skin concerns.

Is there any downtime after the treatments?

There is minimal downtime associated with these treatments. Slight redness and mild sensitivity are common, but usually disappear within a few hours after the treatment. You can expect to return to normal daily activities with the use of sunscreen for any outdoor activities almost immediately.

OPT pulse unique advantage

IPL/OPT/SHR hair removal procedure

Before taking the hair reduction treatment, we should clear if you are a good candidate a consultation will be filled out and a patch test of the area will be done.

The contra-indications listed below will apply to all OPT/SHR/IPL treatments, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Pigmentation, Acne and Rosacea treatments and also the Dr Pen micro-needling. Please check BEFORE booking your appointment to avoid disappointment. You will not be able to have treatment if you are contra-indicated however in some cases a GP’s letter may be acceptable. Please call and ask for further advice if you are unsure.

After Treatment